Heavens Touch Massage and Wellness
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Massage Practitioners at Heavens Touch's approach to therapeutic massage is to give our clients individualized attention based on thorough assessment. Our unique awareness of what is necessary for each person allows us to help clients in achieving their goals. Therapeutic massage is our passion and delivering it professionally is our commitment to the clients we are privileged to have. We are passionate about our clients. We are loyal to our people. We  have compassion to those in need of our service. We are authentic and detailed in our service to our community.


Heavens Touch Massage & Wellness professionals pride ourselves in using only some of the best organic products for all our massage and body work treatments. We believe that when it comes to our wellness and well being everything is important from what we put in our mouth to what we rub on our skin and our environment as well.

Mass producers for creams and oils uses artificial and chemicals in these products. The effects of the long-term use of these products are unknown. Many of these ingredients inhabits the skin's ability to breath and can be linked to conditions such as allergies and headaches. using organic products assure you of not getting these questionable ingredients on your skin.

We have destroyed enough of our fragile environment simply to make ourselves richer and more comfortable. When you use organic products, you don't only feel safe but also feel better about doing something good for the planet.